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Erm... What happened to Page 2?!

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  • DeltaHawk5
    Go To Page Issue and SEO
    by DeltaHawk5
    Wouldn't the current issue (or is it a feature?) that causes all threads to direct to page one regardless of which post you try to access be an SEO nightmare?

    It sounds to me like this will...
    Wed 24th Apr '13, 12:27am
  • DemOnstar
    Page speed
    by DemOnstar
    I have done nothing to the first page that loads (forums) and this is how it looks.

    Is this a normal reading?...
    Tue 11th Dec '12, 10:48pm
  • evil-maniac
    Topic Page Numbering
    by evil-maniac
    I am certain someone has already had this issue; so if a temporary solution already exists I would be grateful if someone could redirect me to it.
    Basically the thread has two pages worth of replies,...
    Sun 3rd Mar '13, 5:22pm
  • rhens
    Page Dedicated Modules
    by rhens
    I would forgive and forget every bad thing I've ever said about vB5, if only I could create a page and have the drag and drop modules be page specific to that page! Each page on my site contains separate...
    Mon 25th May '15, 1:54pm
  • rhens
    page selector
    by rhens
    in this forum (vBulletin 5 connect feedback) there are 23 pages. i see page 1 of 23 and arrows left and right. here's an idea to fix this that would keep the page clean. how about a down arrow that drops...
    Tue 1st Oct '13, 11:35am