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Facebook to sign up question.

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  • luism
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks, I didnt realize that.

  • Zachery
    They still need to register.

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  • luism
    started a topic Facebook to sign up question.

    Facebook to sign up question.

    Am I wrong in understanding that when using facebook to sign up to my website the signee just needs to sign up by using the sign up with facebook button.. agree to the facebook pop up window and thats it?

    Or do they still have to have to go through another window asking for password type in? I thought that once you agreed to sign up with facebook that was it?

    I want to make the sign up experience as smooth an painless as possible..

    Is the second sign up window normal or is it some setting I am not correctly setting in the admin pc?

    The screen shot attached shows what user is getting after agreeing to the facebook pop up window, after choosing to sign up with facebook.. is this necessary or is it a setting I need to adjust?


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