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Just uploaded to ftp, entered forum URL, pressed enter, and.... WHITE SCREEN???

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  • Just uploaded to ftp, entered forum URL, pressed enter, and.... WHITE SCREEN???


    I did just edit the config files carefully, I called the vBulletin folder "/vb5" and uploaded everything in "/upload".

    When finished, I entered 'my domain'/vb5/core/install/install.php and pressd Enter.

    Nothing... White screen. Website works (by cuttig out the "/vb5/core/install/install.php" and just check it)

    I do have installed a Vb forum earlier, some years ago, so I am familiar with editing config files etcetera.

    But I get noo response when updating my browser (IE10 or Chrome) Just a white window!

    Is there a default forum folder name? Or should I enter the /vb5 somewhere?

    And this writing, in the "presentation" config.php, with no explanation in the manual, is "really EASY" to understand, if you dont hack everyday 24/7

    // Assumes default location of core. // Here I am thinking: "-Great, it assumes default location! Dont have to edit!" // These are the system paths and folders for your vBulletin files // This setting is for where your vbulletin core folder is $config['core_path'] = realpath(dirname(__FILE__)) . '/core'; //Hmmm... realpath...sounds like a variable...(dirname(__FILE__) maybe I should enter "(dirname(vb5)" there? Nooo... I give up...this is just inlogical. // This is the url and web based path to your core directory $config['baseurl_core'] = $config['baseurl'] . '/core'; Well I just want to insert "/vb5" somewhere,,,,but...what more can this passage mean?

    Please advice!

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    We're going to need to take a look at your setup.

    Please start a support ticket, and include the following in the "Sensitive Data" field:

    FTP credentials
    Access to a database tool such as phpMyAdmin (if you have cPanel this will do)
    The database username and password, if created

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      Oh, exactly NOW, I managed to fix it, it was my FTP edit routine that added a lot of scrap in the end of all lines. like "/par" whatever that meant.
      I found a better webshell FTP editor att my host on the server. That was really getting me deep into settings, perhaps I needed that!

      I am sorry to misunderstood that support issue. Yes you should have a sign that it was fixed, maybe.

      Thanks a lot for support, good to know you are there...
      Now I will try to install the stuff as I had this whitepage painting a beautiful "Enter customer number" square! Whish me luck!


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        Excellent, glad you got it sorted.

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          Yep, I am in the AdminCP now, and it looks fine... I am just now worried if you still have my swedish available! I find it if it is here.


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            Hmm.... a lot of small problems adds up to a mess.

            1. Editor for posting is erraneous. When I put the cursor into some text to alter spelling f.ex., as soon as I press a key, the cursor moves to end of text.... Very frustrating.

            2. I Created a user, and a channel, and gave the user registered and channel owner status. In order to make a RSS feed . I got one feed for tree pages, in my name (admin) all received yesterday 12:50, and after that...nothing. It is just dead. Everything seem to be right, but "post as topics" is not fillled in after I return an check the RSS Manager. And with another RSS user, I can preview a RSS chunk, but it wont end up in that channel I prepared for it.

            3. I also got long load times for the Forum to show up... I hope there is no communication to USA that needs to work in background? Like between 5 to 10 seconds,

            4. I am afraid that the database cannot handle swedish letters ö, ä, ö an a with two dots over, an a with a ring over, and an o with two dots over...
            I got a URL for one category called Telegrambyrån in the database. (like so: "ån )
            I have changed the name to "Telegram" but it is still telegrambyrån, with the swedish letter a with a ring (å).
            So I will try now to edit it with the server tools at my host, and that gave nothing. BUT I saw the db was with collating "latin1_swedish_ci" and I have the option to set it to other swedish settings like "utf8_swedish_ci" or "utf8_unicode_ci". What is your suggestion? This is, to be clear, the db seen with phpMyAdmin 4.0.5 and in the rightmost colum we have that language setting for each db item. "Collating" "latin1_swedish_ci" for each row First row is "access" second is "ad" and last row is "words". You get it, it is all the tables for the database, each having its own language setting.

            Please advice!

            I think I have something on the server that is bad, but I cannot understan what? It is lke some settings does not stick. I can build my forum structure, but I am afraid something stops working here and there until I have identified the parameter that is unstable.

   is the URL for the forum.

            Can I installl the 4.x version and get Swedish translation and graphics packs? And later upgrade to this one?
            I saw it will be a huge work to fix Swedish lang-pack.

            ( I have that editor bug here as well.... Ok, YOU got a bug! It is okay while editing old text, but it gets weird when I am writin something new, and need to go back an edit... WHEN I HAVENT PRESSED ENTER! Yes, pressing "enter" before I go back and edit, will do it - as a workaround. That is how fast we identify bugs overhere,,,, )

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              So i boils down to this: My server company was upgraded 2012 from Apache to Litespeed. So I have to do one thing of two:
              Change server company.
              Change forum software. But i feel I have no chance to get my money back.
              I did not use vBulletin during 2012, so how could I know. They do not advertise such upgrades very clearly at all. "We are NOT compatible with vBulletin! DIng-Dong!!) No....

              What would YOU have done?


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                You can install vBulletin 4, it will work under litespeed.


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                  Thanks a million, Zachery, you saved my day!!

                  Do you have any idea if and when vB5 will work under LiteSpeed?

                  I ran the vb_test.php and i passed except "open_basedir" = Fail: "You may experience problems with uploading files to vBulletin"

                  Any idea what that means?
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                    Now I arn running VB4. and it is smooth. I still have problems with RSS, it doesnt initiate the schedueld update. (once every hour) I have to update the streams manually.
                    The scheduled RSS robot says in the logfile that he inserted messages just a while ago, but tha latest post in my RSS forum is from yesterday,


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                      Your forum needs traffic for the RSS bot to function correctly. Do you have a few people/guests visiting the site during the day?


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                        Not now. It isnt ready yet. Yeah, you are right. I created a couple of accounts, and it woldnt help, then suddenly one other came in, and it updated.
                        I was admin when this happened, so I just hope that had nothing to do with it, and I did not visit the AdminCP.
                        Thank you very much, that was good news, Zachery.


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                          In order to get your Scheduled Tasks to run, you can just go clicking around on your site from page to page to page until the next Run Time is set to the future.

                          Please don't PM or VM me for support - I only help out in the threads.
                          vBulletin Manual & vBulletin 4.0 Code Documentation (API)
                          Want help modifying your vbulletin forum? Head on over to
                          If I post CSS and you don't know where it goes, throw it into the additional.css template.

                          W3Schools <- awesome site for html/css help


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                            Originally posted by Lynne View Post
                            In order to get your Scheduled Tasks to run, you can just go clicking around on your site from page to page to page until the next Run Time is set to the future.
                            Ok, thanks for that information. The RSS Robot is actually paused 5 minutes after the forum is empty of users, so to speak. I got it.


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                              New problem. I used a "Forumblock".

                              No information of that in the manual. I cannot find it. If I select the contents filter "Display Forum Activity", it look right, but the links....!
                              It get links from new RSS posts like "http:/domain/forums/Reuters_new_content_rubbish_like_this"

                              See piccy: Click image for larger version

Name:	forumblock.JPG
Views:	40
Size:	37.0 KB
ID:	3996902 And they all links to a 404...

                              See saource: Click image for larger version

Name:	forumblock2_sauce.JPG
Views:	33
Size:	83.0 KB
ID:	3996903 I can see the bug. Can you sort it?
                              Other block types seem to work. And no info in user manual, btw about Forumblocks.

                              Please Advice!
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