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This page has a redirect loop.

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  • This page has a redirect loop.


    I installed and tried all versions of vBulletin 5. vBulletin 5.0.4 has same problem too.

    I read everything about installation documents, requirements.

    This is my configuration:
    Dedicated Server
    Dedicated IP for Domain =
    Windows Web Server 2008 R2 64-bit
    IIS 7.5.7600.16385
    Parallels Plesk Panel 11.0.9
    PHP support v5.4.15, run as FastCGI application
    Additional write/modify permissions
    MySQL 5.1.71
    IIS URL Rewrite 2.0
    ISAPI Rewrite 2 2008 32-bit
    Files, Folders have Read/Write access

    Everything works fine except some of page URLs which includes Turkish Characters. If you open a topic, forum, user name or something with Turkish characters, page warns you with "This page has a redirect loop. There are too many redirects" error message.

    Could you please explain me something about what should I do? I didn't change anything about your code base. I'm just writing MySQL connection credentials to your config file. Also, system works fine without Turkish characters.

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    You can't use URL Rewrite and ISAPI rewrite on the same server. You should only have one of those installed.
    If you can't uninstall one, then you need to delete either the .htaccess file or the web.config file from the server.
    Our senior techs suggest sticking with URL Rewrite if you remove one of the rewriting systems.

    Turkish is not directly supported at this time, can't say if ever will be to be honest.

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      I uninstalled ISAPI Rewrite 2 2008 32-bit. Also I deleted .htaccess file too. I reinstalled everything again. Problem is still exist. As you told me, Turkish is not directly supported at this time.


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