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Vbulletin 5.0.3 loads slow

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  • Vbulletin 5.0.3 loads slow


    I have a problem here and I have tested everything but my site still loads slow at the start but not when I'm logged in. First I thought it was the twitter feed and facebook module but it wasn't. I kinda cleared the start page of my site and it still loaded slow. My webhost is fast and I have other sites on it that runs faster then vbulletin. I know vbulletin is a huge script but that load time at the start is pretty annoying. Is there a solution for this? or a way that I can optimize to make it load faster. Here is my site

    Please help.

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    What version of PHP and MYSQL do you have? Do you have any opcode caching on the server?

    However when I visit your site, the object that takes the longest to load at 30 seconds is:
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    Wayne Luke
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      Hi Wayne,

      And thanks for the replay. Here is some info about my server taken from AdminCP
      Server Type Linux Users to Moderate
      Web Server Apache v2.2.21 (cgi-fcgi) Topics to Moderate
      PHP 5.3.6 Posts to Moderate
      PHP Max Post Size 8.00 MB MySQL Version 5.1.70-cll
      PHP Maximum Upload Size 128.00 MB MySQL Packet Size 1.00 MB
      PHP Memory Limit 256.00 MB

      I'm using Cpanel on my server and I never heard about opcode caching before. But I will google that up. I have updated to 5.0.4 but it's still slow


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        I just fixed this in a ticket.

        Site had inconsistent URLs (www and non-www), and the URL settings in the admincp were also not consistent.

        Correcting these and some other minor tweaks has made the site loads quite nicely now. Plus login works correctly too.

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          Im upgrading to VB 5.0.4 and it load so slows for admin account only....


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