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What happened to the user profile module?

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  • What happened to the user profile module?

    when you click on a member, the user profile page opens a wide window with the profile all the way to the right. How can we fix this? i.e back to the avatar to the right and the basic info next to it?
    Any ideas?

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    Are you having that issue on this forum?

    If this is just happening on your forum try using h default style- does that help?

    To get the default style go to Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Add New Style and create a new style with no parent style. This will be the default style.

    Then go to Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Style & Language Settings and give permission for users to change styles (if it was disabled) so you can change to the default style to test it.


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      On this forum too...just click on any member and you'll see the profile page messed up...avatar on the far right...wide window. Is this a bug in 5.0.3?


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