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Avatar upload fails in IE9 on vB 5.0.3

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  • Avatar upload fails in IE9 on vB 5.0.3

    Viewing vBulletin 5.0.3 in IE9

    When I try to Edit Avatar - "Browse an image from your hard drive and upload"
    I get a little yellowish box at top of screen which says "Working..." and it never moves me on to the "Drag the corner to set how you want your profile picture to appear" view.
    If I select "Continue" it takes me to the "Drag the corner to set..." page but does not display image etc.

    Console shows:
    "SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'indexOf': object is null or undefined
    profile-sidebar-rollup-503.js, line 4 character 17604"

    That file is located at: line 4 character 17604

    We have tried changing those functions twice but still not working in IE.

    Most recent was adding underscore.js with these replacement functions for the three locations that indexOf shows up:

    var S9=jQuery.inArray("?", Q["0"]); if(S9==-1){var S="?";}else{var S="&";}
    var G9=jQuery.inArray("?", F.avatarpath); if(G9==-1){var G="?";}else{var G="&";}
    var J9=jQuery.inArray("?", I.avatarpath); if(J9==-1){var J="?";}else{var J="&";}

    It seems to have fixed that problem because we no longer get that error and it still works in Firefox etc. but in IE9 it kicks us strait out of the lightbox and replaces the avatar and thumb with the file missing image.

    Testing image upload in signatures:
    It looks like it may be working but we will not know until we save it.

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