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Rebuild Attachments and Albums from vB4 to vB5

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  • Rebuild Attachments and Albums from vB4 to vB5

    Is there any way to rebuild attachments and albums from vB4?

    What's happening is the Attachment Storage Type was incorrect when upgrading from vB4 to vB5. I had to reset and move the server before the upgrade and the Attachment Storage Type field had not changed to the new location. So I ran the vB4 upgrade to vB5 while it was incorrect. It appears the tables were generated and everything but the file names are all incorrect. Lynne had helped me try to see if I could use a backup before the upgrade and move over the files after that. I haven't tested this because the one backup I have is not as current.

    No one in my forum has uploaded any pictures or albums since the upgrade. If I could somehow start the entire process of image attachments and albums from vB4 to vB5, that'd be great.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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