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    Can someone explain the point of the Posts view withing a Topic. On my forum it only displays the first 15 topics and no more. I have to Use the Latest Activity view to see all replies. Do I need to change the settings as I have looked and not sure what to change.

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    If using Latest Activity it doesn't have the Quote enabled.

    I would like to have the posts displayed in order of date posted with latest post first


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      Apologies for the wording of the first post, doesn't read the way it should.

      Can someone please help with Permissions and the way the Posts View and Latest Activity display on my forum.

      I Think I have reset the permissions to all channels but still some users in the same groups appear to have different permissions.

      I have a poll in a topic and under Posts it doesn't allow you to vote and in Latest Activity it does.
      As above in Latest activity you can't quote the previous reply but in Posts you can.
      Posts view doesn't have multiple pages when the posts go over the 15 limit.


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        Got the posts view sorted by upgrading to vb5.0.3 as there was an issue displaying all posts.

        I think at the moment all users have the permissions sorted.

        Is there an option to add quote to Latest activity.
        When voting on Polls are you only able to vote using the Latest Activity View.


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          Can you replicate that issue here on stb? Are you using any customizations like a custom language or style?


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            Latest activity view doesn't have quote on and I have also just noticed that it doesn't have the ability to select posts from a moderation point of view.


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              I have tested the Poll on here and it works as expected. I have also now created another test poll on my own forum and its working as expected.


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                Can you not change the order of the posts view.

                Can we not have quote and moderation check box in posts latest activity view.


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                  Is there no one from support or elsewhere that can answer my query please.


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                    Anyone got an answer


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                      To be honest reading through this I'm not 100% sure which problem you're having difficulty with, since you've mentioned several different things.

                      Activity view does not show quotes and isn't intended to, nor does it have moderation options, that's done through the topic view.
                      Is this now displaying correctly for you? Bearing in mind that it's there a "Page" option in to bar at the top showing multiple pages?
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                        If memory serves on vb4 we could display posts asc or desc and from what I can tell this is not available in 5. Is this available.

                        I had asked about the moderator options in the Latest Activity as well as the quote as if the above wasn't there.

                        Some members wish to have the latest posts first in a topic and although the latest topics have this they don't have the same functionality as what is available in posts view.


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                          Is there not an option to reverse the order of topic view on a by user basis.


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                            Not at this time, if you want that option, you'll need to add a jira for an improvement request.


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