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Corrupted Forums' and Threads' titles after upgrading from 4.2.1 to 5.03

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  • Corrupted Forums' and Threads' titles after upgrading from 4.2.1 to 5.03

    I've just graded a test forum to vB 5.0.3 and the titles of forums and threads are rendered as multiple question marks (?).

    The entries in the database are displayed correctly in Thai characters using utf8_general_ci as collation.
    I've rebuilt both forum information and topic information, but this didn't help.

    By the way, I've tried creating a new sub-forum and expected the new entry to show up in the "forum" table in MySQL.
    Strangely, the new sub forum is created but I cannot find its corresponding entry in "forum" table.

    Any ideas what I might have missed here, please?

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    If you check your database, do the table and column coalitions match in both the old and new tables? For example, thread / post are old channels, text and node are new channels.


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      Many thanks for your advice, Zach.
      You're correct. Thread and post tables use utf8_general_ci while text and node tables use latin1_swedish_ci as collation.
      This has been the case since the upgrade from vB 3.8.x to vB 4.2.1 recently.

      The live forum, , can display the forums and thread titles in Thai characters correctly.
      In vB 4.2.1 database, I notice that the text table is empty, but the node table already contains corrupted characters.
      Any advices on how I can correct data in the node table, please?
      (Should I move this question to vBulletin 4 forum, by the way?)


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        I've managed to change the collation of "node" table to utf8_general_ci and have manually copied and pasted the "title" field values from "forum" table to "node" table.
        The so-called "Friendly URLs" for existing forums and threads have not been properly URL-encoded during the upgrade from 4.2.1 to 5.0.3, so I've tried manually changing the "urlident" field for a channel in "node" table to see if this helps.
        Unfortunately, this hasn't updated the URL for this particular channel.

        May I ask how I can update the existing nodes' URLs to be properly URL-encoded, please?
        (The new nodes created in vB 5 have their URLs encoded properly.)

        On a side note, I've tried creating a test channel called "Alpha", so its URL ends with the word "alpha".
        I've then updated the title to "Bravo", but the URL remains "alpha".
        I checked the "node" table for the corresponding entry of this channel.
        This entry no longer contains any reference to "alpha", including the "urlident" field.
        May I ask from which database table vB-5 pulls the word "alpha" to be used as the URL for this particular channel, please?


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          I don't mind about not having friendly URLs at the moment.
          Is there a way to refer to channels and nodes using the channel IDs and node IDs passed as GET variables, in the same fashion that the older versions of vBulletin using forum IDs and thread IDs?


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            Just in case anyone else comes across similar issues, here's the response from vBulletin support team.

            "vBulletin 5.0.3 is not yet compatible with non-Latin based languages like Thai.

            We hope this compatibility will be added in vBulletin 5.0.4.

            We would suggest you remain on vBulletin 4.x until a compatible version is released."


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