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When Posting I get this: "Error while saving content: SyntaxError: JSON.parse:...."

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    I asked my host to increase my limits to the following: AND IT APPEARS TO HAVE WORKED! Thanks!

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      good deal, glad i could help i know that one bout drove me bonkers personally, lol


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        I got this error too, and I have WHM panel... How can I change that value?


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          This is my server data :
          Server Type Linux Data Usage 457.63 MB Users to Moderate 0 [View]
          Web Server Apache v2.2.25 Index Usage 155.66 MB Topics to Moderate 3
          PHP 5.4.17 Attachment Usage 48.30 MB Posts to Moderate 7
          PHP Max Post Size 8.00 MB Avatar Usage 2.7 KB Events to Moderate 0
          PHP Maximum Upload Size 32.00 MB Profile Picture Usage 15.5 KB Messages to Moderate 0
          PHP Memory Limit 128.00 MB Unique Members Today 1 New Topics Today 0
          MySQL Version 5.5.32-cll New Users Today 0
          MySQL Packet Size 10.00 MB New Posts Today 0


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            still the same problems for me as admin, but not for members.... There is a serious error and the page cannot be rendered

            It only happens when I try to login as the admin, and afterwards it sticks, meaning I cannot go to any URL on my forum all I get is this message. If I clear my browser cache reboot my PC or try another device or web browser, the forum loads up, but as soon as I try to login in with my admin account it becomes inaccessible and I get this error. I am able to login to AdminCP.
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