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Having to approve members posts

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  • Having to approve members posts

    Having to approve members posts so there something i need to make this go away any ideas please
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    Could be a few things....
    AdminCP > Settings > Options > Spam Management > Anti-Spam Service - anything set there?

    Usergroup Manager > edit usergroup > Follow Forum Moderation Rules should be set to Yes

    same in Forum Permissions > edit usergroup/forum and look for same setting

    Forum Manager > edit forum > Moderate Posts/Threads ?

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      I don't see these all of these options when trying to do this. I did an expand all and did a search for "Forum Manager" and there's no such option for VB 5.1.7 Connect that I can see.


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        Here's everything I see on my expended listed. There's nothing that says "Forum Manager" there. Is this not for 5.0 Connect?

        These are all the options I see:
        -Search Type
        -Spam Settings
        -Human Verification Manager
        -Content List
        -Category List
        -Tag List
        Styles & Templates
        -Style Manager
        -Sesarch in Templates
        -Replacement Variable Manager
        -Download / Upload Styles
        -Find Updated Templates
        Langiages & Phrases
        -Language Manager
        -Phrase Manager
        -Search in Phrases
        -Download / Upload Languages
        -Find Updated Phrases
        -Help Manager
        -Add New Help Item
        -Notices Manager
        -Add New Notice
        -Annoucement Manager
        -Post New Announcement
        Channel Management
        -Channel Manager
        -Add New Forum
        -Channel Permissions
        -Show All Moderators
        -View Permissions
        -Topic Prefixes
        Topic Prefixes
        -Topic Prefix Manager
        -Add New Prefix Set
        -Duplicate Permissions
        -Moderate Users
        -Attachment Type Manager
        -Attachment Permissions
        -Attachment Statistics
        -Attachment Storage Type
        -Add New User
        -Search for Users
        -Merge Users
        -Ban User
        -Prune / Move Users
        -Private Message Statistics
        -Search IP Addresses
        -View Banned Users
        -Send Email to Users
        -Generate Mailing List
        -Access Masks
        -Usergroup Manager
        -Add New Usergroup
        -Join Requests
        -Channel Permissions
        -Administrator Permissions
        -Search Groups
        -Group Categories
        -Add New Group Category
        User Infractions
        -User Infraction Manager
        -Add New User Infraction Level
        -Add New User Infraction Group
        -Add New Automatic Ban
        -View Infractions
        User Profile Fields
        -User Profile Field Manager
        -Add New User Profile Field
        -User Profile Field Categories
        User Ranks
        -User Rank Manager
        -Add Newe USer Rank
        User Reputations
        -User Reputation Manager
        -Add New User Reputation
        User Titles
        -User Title Manager
        -Add new User Title
        Paid Subscriptions
        -Subscription Manager
        -Add New Subscription
        -Trasaction Log
        -Transaction Stats
        -Subscription Permission
        -Payment API Manager
        -Test Communication
        -User Picture Storage Type
        Post Icons
        -Post Icon Manager
        -Add New Post Icon
        -Upload Post Icon
        -Smile Manager
        -Add New Smile
        -Upload Smile
        Custom BB Codes
        -BB Code Manager
        -Add new BB Code
        RSS Feeds
        -RSS Feed Manager
        -Add New RSS Feed
        Scheduled Tasks
        -Scheduled Task Manager
        -Add New Scheduled Task
        -Scheduled Task Log
        Products & Hooks
        -Manage Hooks
        -Manage Products
        -List Extensions
        Statistics & Logs
        -Control Panel Log
        -Moderator Log
        -Scheduled Task Log
        -Log Manager
        -Transaction Log
        -Transaction Stats
        -Clear System Cache
        -Repair / Optimize Tables
        -General Update Tools
        -Execute SQL Query
        -View PHP Info
        XML Sitemap
        -Manage Content Priority
        -Rebuild Sitemap
        vBulletin API
        -API Key
        -API Log
        -API Statistics


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          Originally posted by sawgrass View Post
          There's nothing that says "Forum Manager" there. Is this not for 5.0 Connect?
          I think Lynne was talking about the "Channel Manager" (AdminCP > Channel Management > Channel Manager).


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            I'm still lost here. I've spent days going through every option on here and for the life of me cannot figure out how to approve any of the posts. The only way I can make it happen right now is if I make the user a moderator.

            Follow Channel Moderation RulesIf no, posts are always placed into moderation queue
            I have it set to YES. Yet the posts don't go live after I have those settings in the Channel Permissions.


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