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How to change language in vbulletin 5.0.2

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  • How to change language in vbulletin 5.0.2

    Dear All,

    I want to change language in my forum to Vietnamese language but when I can not change language in Language & Phrases --> Search in Pharses. Please show me the way to change vbulletin to another language?

    Many thanks & Best Regards,

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    VB 5.0.2 only supports English. We hope to have more languages supported in future versions.

    If you need to use Vietnamese I'd suggest using VB 4.2.1 for now.


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      It's bad news . If now I install VB 4.2 in the future I must pay for upgrade


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        No, if you have a VB5 license you can install VB 4.2.1 now and you can still upgrade for free at anytime to VB5 later. You can install/upgrade the software as often as you want so long as you only have 1 live forum at a time.


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          Thanks Joe,

          Now I'm running my forum with VB5 about ~1.5 month and I have much database. How can I downgrade to VB4.2.1, database is OK?

          Best Regards,


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            There is no means to downgrade from VB5 to VB4 and keep your existing data.

            VB 5.0.3 which is out now should support most European/Latin based languages. We hope we can offer full support for all languages in VB 5.0.4. (by support I mean it should work, but you would need your own translation) however this is still subject to change.


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              OK thanks, Joe!


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