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  • Channel Permissions problems

    I'm trying to setup a new forum and I can't seem to find a way to setup permissions properly.

    I have a problem with permissions for moderators of a channel. That channel has some deleted posts, so when one of the moderators go to that topic, they can see the deleted posts (which is OK), but:
    1. Next to the deleted post, they see a "manage/show" - Manage gives an "ERROR" with no more description. Show works as expected

    2. When they choose a post to delete, they have the option to "physically delete". I would like to remove that option but I can't see where/how.
    My forum is setup like this:


    There are 3 channels (categories)
    - Forum 1 - Public
    - Forum 2 - Private (Group 1)
    - Forum 3 - Private (Group 2)


    Registered Users
    Group A - (copy of registered users)
    Group B - (copy of registered users)
    Moderators Group A - (Copy of Moderators)
    Moderators Group B - (Copy of Moderators)

    This is what I'm trying to achieve:
    1. Registered users should only see Forum 1
    2. Group 1 should be able to see Forum 1 and 2
    3. Group 2 should be able to see Forum 1 and 3
    4. Moderators Group 1 - Should be able to do moderator stuff in Forum 2 - including soft deleting posts (not physically)
    5. Moderators Group 2 - Should be able to do moderator stuff in Forum 3 - including soft deleting posts (not physically)
    This is what I did:

    Created 4 new user groups
    • Group A
    • Moderators Group A
    • Group B
    • Moderators Group B
    Then in the users profile, I made each user's "Primary Usergroup" their corresponding group.

    Then in Channel Permissions I did:

    Forum 1 - default settings

    Forum 2 - First denied all, then:
    • Admin - Inherit
    • Group A - Inherit
    • Moderators Group A - Inherit
    Forum 3 - First denied all, then:
    • Admin - Inherit
    • Group 2 - Inherit
    • Moderators Group 2 - Inherit
    Any hints on what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks :-)
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    To remove the "Permanently Delete" option go to the Admin CP -> Channel Management -> Show All Moderators -> Edit (for the specific moderators) -> and turn off the option "Can Physically Delete"

    Then they will only be allowed to soft delete.

    As for the manage issue, are you running VB 5.0.2? I know this was a bug on 5.0.1 and 5.0.0 but it should be working on 5.0.2.


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