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  • woodmj
    New posts & recent posts
    by woodmj
    I seem to have an issue where new posts to threads don't show up in the Recent Posts widget. Mine & Mods' do but I think members' don't.

    Not sure what's up. I tried clearing the VB cache...
    Fri 23 Aug '19, 7:06am
  • marinelife
    all new posts
    by marinelife
    I can not figure out how to make a page that would show all new posts since last visit. Is this possible in VB5? The today's post just does not cut it for some of my members.
    Tue 26 Aug '14, 10:50am
  • Marrick
    New Posts
    by Marrick
    Has anyone worked out how to emulate the "New Posts" function of previous incarnations of VB? It's the single most important navigation tool available and its replacement "Latest Topics"...
    Sun 17 Aug '14, 3:28am