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  • Edit Ad Widgets Error

    Since the update to 5.0.2 I got a problem with my Ad Widgets.

    When I create an AdWidget the following problem occurs:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vb_error2.png
Views:	39
Size:	24.5 KB
ID:	3974544

    When I press "Save" after entering the Ad Code:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vb_error3.png
Views:	42
Size:	55.5 KB
ID:	3974546

    When I wanna edit an existing Widget:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vb_error.png
Views:	40
Size:	63.2 KB
ID:	3974545

    I dont know why I really annoys as I cant really edit the ads

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    *push* pllz


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      Similar problem over here.I created an ad and noticed that something war wrong with the picture. So I wanted to edit the ad but I'm not able to edit the ads. Please take a look at the attachment. I'm asked whether I want to create a new ad or chose an existing one. But it doesn't matter which button I click nothing happens. It says "Working..." at the top of the page but I cann't select or edit any ad.
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        Yep, seems like the same problem I got.


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          I can't reproduce the issue on my 5.0,2 forum. I see you aren't using English and VB 5.0.2 technically does not support other languages- it is hard to know if this is an issue because you are using a different language or not. Do you have English installed that you can test it?


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            Hi Joe,

            we only have english installed.

            The error occurs when I tried to edit the ad and add an image using <img =src="..."> with a <a href...> link. Guess there was something wrong with either the image or the link?


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              Well how to get the original language of vb5 in the system?


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