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Just installed but can't see forum at all

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  • Just installed but can't see forum at all


    I have just done a re-install of vb, using the latest version "5.0.2, Patch Level 1" as I've had trouble with the last two installations, so I decided to start once again from scratch and check as I go frequently. And I need help now with some problems, but on this forum there is no section for "VB5 Installation problems", so I am posting here and perhaps I can be advised where exactly to post.

    My current problem is that while I can get into the control panel to enter my settings, I am unable to see the forum at all. These are the results I get, using two different urls:

    1st url:
    I just get a blank page with absolutely nothing on it.

    2nd url:
    Browser says it can't find the site.
    (for this one I also tried adding this subdomain in the "Site Name / URL / Contact Details" under "Redirect Domain Whitelist").
    I want to also be able to use this url interchangeably with the 1st one., so this needs to work as well.

    I can't continue on in the control panel with my setup until this first issue is sorted,

    If further info is required for troubleshooting, let me know.


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    A real link to your website is required to help.


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      Sorry, here they are:
      (I did add a cname for this, but still doesn't work)

      main domain:


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        What is showing up in your error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host) when you get the blank page? Here is a page from the manual about troubleshooting blank or 'white' pages:

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          Ok, I have checked two error log files, plus checked all the items in the manual link you gave me.

          Error Logs

          First of all, I looked at an error log file created in the forum root directory. There was one line in it:
          [06-Jun-2013 04:23:49 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Class 'vB' not found in /home/meltonia/public_html/members/includes/vb5/template.php on line 129
          I don't know if this is the problem or not, but don't know how to fix it anyway.
          I also looked at the server error log, and the only errors I could see were relating to finding blank.gif from the admin control panel. Don't know if that's a connected issue or not. The setting I have for where to find blank.gif is /core.

          Manual Suggestions

          Also, I looked at the manual on the link you gave me. I was given 17 possible reasons for a blank page and have gone thru them all one by one. I see nothing wrong there either, other than a couple of points (12 & 17) relating to PHP bugs, and I don't know how to deal with them.
          I've listed the points below, along with my response, marked with ***.......

          1) You did not upload the vB files correctly.
          ***They were all uploaded correctly, with ascii for non-image files.
          ** Suspect File Versions.
          On doing this test, there were 3 that showed up, which I have listed below. Although these shouldn't be an issue because it's a clean install from a zip file downloaded only yesterday.
          - blank.html File does not contain expected contents
          - vbulletin-style.xml File does not contain expected contents
          - LoggerConfigurationAdapterXML.php File does not contain expected contents

          2) You have extra space or lines in your config.php file.
          ***No extra spaces in either config.php file.

          3) You may have an empty index.html or index.htm file in that directory.

          4) You have a bad plugin installed.
          ***I haven't installed anything yet, other than the vb program.

          5) The servername setting in config.php is wrong. 99% of the time, 'localhost' is correct
          ***I already have "localhost" in config.php files.

          6) Your PHP has magic_quotes_sybase turned on. You have to turn this off
          ***It's already off.

          7) [For multiple white pages] You have added code to your header, headinclude or phpinclude templates that is no longer functional.[For white pages in a select area] You have added code to one of your templates that is causing this problem.
          ***Haven't touched any templates, haven't gotten that far either.

          8) You have a corrupted template. Repairing the template table may help. REPAIR TABLE template;
          ***No probs there either. Already did an optimize/repair earlier, then did another as suggested.

          9) You have GZIP enabled. Try turning GZIP off here
          ***GZIP is off.

          10) Sometimes this can also be caused when PHP has the 'display_errors' function turned off.
          ***this function is on.

          11) Check your phpinfo page to see if suhosin is installed as a module.
          *** Suhosin is not installed.

          12) This can be caused by a bug in PHP 5.2.5:

          ***I'm not going down that path at this point. Either there is a bug or there isn't, but I can't understand anything on that url given, and wouldn't know what next step to take. I suggest that if all other options are exhausted, then maybe this could be looked at again. Is this not vb's area to deal with? If not, I will have to contact my server people and ask them if they have any knowledge of it and what to do if it's a problem. But I do think this is something vb should sort and deal with.

          13) This can also be caused by a memory_limit setting in php.ini that causes the server to time out before displaying the page. Edit config.php and add this right under the <?php line:
          ini_set('memory_limit', -1);
          ***I tried adding this line to both config files (core/includes/folder and forum root folder). It made no difference. I took them off again.

          14) If the script producing this problem is showgroups.php, then you may have too many usergroups for this.
          *** I have not set up any usergroups yet.

          15) Check the file and directory permissions. Although this can differ by server, in general the directories should be chmod'd to 755 (-rwxr-xr-x) and files to 644 (-rw-r--r--). If any are set to 777 (-rwxrwxrwx) then this could result in blank pages.
          *** All directories are 755, except for a tmp folder I created and made 777, as part of one of your option settings. I did test it by making it 755 instead (which I shouldn't have to do, else I can't use this function). But it made no difference anyway, so that's not the problem either.

          16) Check your .htaccess file for any rewrite rules that may be effecting the page(s) you are having the issue with. If your problem is only in one particular directory, you may need to exclude the rewrite rules from working in that directory.
          *** I haven't touched any htaccess file, so whatever is in there was input by vb. Plus I don't know what I should be looking for. And I doubt it would be a "folder-specific" issue, because it happens for both urls of:

          Also, I did a "test" file and uploaded it, and when I point to it, it shows up fine. That means it's a VB thing. Somewhere.

          17) There is a bug in PHP 5.3.5 that can cause white pages during search and possibly other functions. The link to this bug is here:
          ***I can't get ANY vb pages to display, let alone during a "search" or any other function - simply because I have no access to any forum page. Same answer as for Point 12.

          Ok, that's it. Any other suggestions?


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            Hi. Just wondering if there's anyone with any more ideas to help me get rid of my blank pages?


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