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How add Custom Profile Fields

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  • How add Custom Profile Fields

    I want to know which code should I use to display custom profile fields in legacy profiles ..

    What template is legacy_profile in vb5? and what code use in template?


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    i thought i saw an option in there somewhere so you dont have to use code for tired to look exactly where right now but maybe that can help you

    edit: ya its in the main list, you dont even have to go into options
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      No understand, no entiendo


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        I don't know what you mean by legacy profile. We don't have a legacy profile and have never called a user's profile that or had an option for it. When you create a custom profile field, it will automatically show up on the About tab of the user's profile unless it is private.
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          Look, i have 4 profile field create:

          But look, no show in profile:

          I need put this profile field in profile, in vb4.2 i was put code in legacy template,

          in vb5 how i have do?


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            you need to click the "about" tab for those infos to show


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              Where?, Can you show me a picture?
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                  Please see this blog topic - [vB5] User Profile Fields in the postbit templates

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                    Originally posted by Lynne View Post
                    This was search i, thanks to all you


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