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Problem with importing of the custom style xml

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  • Wayne Luke
    You should edit the templates using the template editor provided in the Admin CP.

    Removing Base URL from links can reduce functionality.

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  • Sergey Paljutin
    Thank you, Lynne

    But, what should I do when I need to change templates which have not been changed yet?
    Copy-paste a lot of templates is not the best way, I think.

    I need to remove forum base url from all profile links

    Thank you

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  • Lynne
    You should not upload a new Master Style. If you ever have problems on your site, you may want to go back to the default style and see if things work there and if you have replaced the Master Style, then that is impossible to do. Also, when you upgrade, the Master Style is replaced with the new xml. So, download the style with the option "Get customizations made only in this style" and then import it to where you want.

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  • Problem with importing of the custom style xml

    We have to make a lot changes in templates on our forum.
    I created a new style in admincp, then downloaded this style as Master style and made changes in the downloaded XML.
    When I try to import the changed xml as a new style or merge with my custom style - no changes appear.
    The same is with with the original downloaded xml file - it can't be imported. If I download style with option "Get customizations made only in this style" - everything works ok.

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