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avatar and forum width questions

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  • avatar and forum width questions

    hi, couple things im wanting to custom that seem different than vb4....

    one issue is forum width...i am wanting to make the main display wider so there is not as much empty room off to the sides.....makes pages shorter which we like alot but couple issues im wondering with vb5.......would manually changing the width mess with anything like how vb5 changes its display to fit different screens? then if not, where/how can this be done in vb4 there is the global/doc_width stylevar but i dont see in vb5...

    then with the avatars its a couple issues:
    • on the main forum display, rectangular avatars have the bottoms cutoff to make them square can this be fixed?
    • how can the size of avatar be changed in posts? i notice the default is 200x200 which shows in profile but only a small thumb in posts
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    You need to change it in your css_additional.css. It was suggested to not remove the min-width statement or the style will probably break on cellphones and other small screen devices. Additionally; make sure to test your changes on a variety of window sizes to make sure the responsive aspect still works properly.

    #wrapper {
      max-width: 1200px;
      min-width: 320px;
      width: 100%;

    This also maybe something to do with the issue unless I have my records messed up.
     #wrapper {
      background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;
      margin: auto;
    But that looks like a colour thing.

    Anyway, try the first bit just for laughs, if I understand you correctly, this should work.

    Then try adding the second bit to your css_additional.css to see what that does.

    You can always go back to css_additional.css. and delete so no worry there.


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      ya that workd beauty thanks! put it to 1600max...

      idk what the second one did tho..didnt notice a change...


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        ok i guess something refreshed after time and avatars are not cutoff anymore...


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          oop, hmm, how bout this then...if i edit a post it bounces back to the narrow version until posting it..

          both those script still in there..

          still curious about enlarging avatars in thread displays too


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            i never figured out how to make the forum width a universal constant...when i edit posts it still bounces back to narrow view..would someone mind helping with that?

            with the avatars, i found the template to change the size of display in thread posts, but am having the issue when i make them larger they are no longer centered and get cut off to the right.. im not sure where to fix that?


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              ok, so it sounds like the avatar centering isnt an easy fix....thats fine..

              how about the forum width?

              can pls someone help me to make the wider format constant?

              thank you,


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