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Style changes are not taking effect

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  • Style changes are not taking effect

    I tried to make some color style changes using Style Variable Editor but the changes are not showing up on the site. I also tried to add the styles in css_additional.css template didn't work either. Am I missing something? Please help.

    Running 5.0.2 Patch Level 1

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    If you go back to edit a stylevar you already changed- is the new value still there or did it reset to the original value?

    Can you link to your site and tell us a specific stylear you changed?


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      'Don't forget, if you're looking at your site as a guest, you need to clear the guest cache between changes.


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        Yes, when I go back to stylevar the new changes are still there. I did successful made the changes on the Global: body_link_color, body_link_color_hover and the header_backgound. But the rest are not working, like the navbar_background, header_background, also in css_additional.css I put in #channel-tabbar {background:#576d58).



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          Editing a comment

          I was just looking via your link and it seems that one of your ads is not responsive. I tried to zoom in/out and it goes off screen..
          'One day fantasy baseball'.

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        I have a similar problem. I created a child style. I made changes on Body Background. Saved it. And then I tried to change the style on the bottom of the page to the new style and no changes are visible. Do I have to clear some cache or something?


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          Most, if not all, of the navbar stylevars are depreciated. The stylevars to control those backgrounds are now header_tabbar_background and header_tab_background. The rest of the stylevars you want are probably all in header as well, not navbar. The navbar stylevars should be removed in a future version.


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            Actually... Looking at this some more- it seems the navbar_ stylevars are not part of VB5 but are only there if you upgraded from VB4. The issue is VB4 stylevars not being deleted/removed by the VB5 upgrade.


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