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how do I change the icons?

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  • DemOnstar
    I tried that but it didn't work for me so by your example, I must have made an error somewhere. Thanks for the inspiration to try again..

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  • SteedPub
    I just opened the sprites PNG in photo shop are created my own icon designs over the top of the stock ones. Worked just fine.

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  • Mupetz
    commented on 's reply
    Nevermind, found the solution myself.
    Add this to css_additional.css :
    .forum-list-container .cell-forum .icon {
    	background-position: -68px -208px;

  • Mupetz
    I see there is a green forum_new icon on the default sprites.
    Can someone tell me how to use it instead of the blue one? Please
    Thank you!

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  • Wayne Luke
    They are located in the sprites within upload/images/css. If you want different size images or do not want to use Sprites, then you would need to edit the individual CSS for each image. Unfortunately, I don't have a list at this time.

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  • Mark.B

    You need to edit the css sprites.

    Those two are in the file images/css/sprite_icons_vb.png

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  • Djinni2
    started a topic how do I change the icons?

    how do I change the icons?

    and find where in the directory?
    how can I change the icons or you have it all back in one image file save?

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