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5.0.2 - Restore database & Avatars not displaying

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  • 5.0.2 - Restore database & Avatars not displaying


    After having so much trouble and losing most of my members while my vBulletin was down, I've managed to figure out what the problem was and am now running vBulletin 5.0.2.

    I've had to run a fresh install on a fresh database, is there anyway I can restore my database via phpmyadmin. I've watched the youtube tutorials but my website owner says we do not have cPanel installed.

    I backed up my database via phpmyadmin by exporting the database as a .sql file. When I try importing it I get errors saying it isnt possible. Any way around this?

    Also, After installing 5.0.2 I've realised that everytime I upload an avatar, the result shows a broken link. Any reason why?


    EDIT: Seems as though all images have broken links

    Smilies link displays as...

    instead of
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    You can't import old data into a new forum. If you manage to restore your old backup you would need to re-install the old version of VB5 or run the upgrade script to update it to 5.0.2. But you lose your fresh install.

    There is no way to keep the fresh install AND get the old data.

    As for the broken URLs for images, it appears you may have an ending slash / on either your core URL or the base URL in your config.php file.

    The config.php file base URL should be:

    The core URL in Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details should be:


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      Hi Joe, Thanks for your reply, its fine if I cant get my old data, was just thinking if it was possible.

      As for the broken links, I've check both config.php files and neither of them have a trailing slash after the URL, not does the core URL in the Admin CP. I shall paste all the codes, exactly how they are, in which I have entered the URL for the forums..

      - In the /forums folder;

      // ****** Base URLs ******
      // The following settings all deal with the url of your forum.
      // If set incorrectly your site/software will not function correctly.
      // These urls should NOT include a trailing slash
      // This is the url and web path of your root vBulletin directory
      $config['baseurl'] = '';


      // This is the url and web based path to your core directory
      $config['baseurl_core'] = $config['baseurl'] . '';

      (I have tested the one above without the '/core' as well, and didnt not see any changes.

      In the /forums/core/includes folder;

      // ******** FRONTEND (SITE) URL ******
      // On a few systems it may be necessary to input the base url.
      // This should be the same setting as $config['baseurl'] in the frontend config file
      // You do not need to fill this in unless instructed by vBulletin Support.
      // Do not include a trailing slash.
      // Example: $config['Misc']['baseurl'] = 'http://www.mysite.comt/forums';
      $config['Misc']['baseurl'] = '';

      Am I missing anything?


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        Yes, You've invalid core path value in /config.php

        PHP Code:
        $config['baseurl_core'] = $config['baseurl'] . ''
        PHP Code:
        $config['baseurl_core'] = $config['baseurl']  .  '/core'

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          Great stuff! Thanks!


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