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Issue changing forum logo

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  • Issue changing forum logo

    it seems this is a bug? but dont think anyone else reported so idk...
    i implemented a custom site logo and header when i installed 5.0.1

    after upgrading to 5.0.2 if i hit "edit" button for site logo (under header tab of site builder) it will bring the popup regarding where to upload the file from...but after about 3 seconds it kicks me out of the header editor! ...even if i manage to click an upload button..

    i can still edit the header image fine but wont let me change logo

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    What browser are you using? Have you tried on another browser?


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      firefox...just tried chrome as well with same results..


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        I have the same problem. I will try with permisions for upload images


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          i ended up going thru the stylevar..still works there...its the imagepaths>titleimage one


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            I had added a logo to my test board in 5.0.1. I just was able to change it in 5.0.2 so this isn't affecting everyone.

            Someone who is affected please open a bug report here-

            Most important fields are the subject and description, don't worry about anything else if you aren't sure.

            Please give as much detail as possible on how to re-create the issue.


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              possibly https related for me, not sure till i fix that...only half my site is ssl atm cuz im stuck on the https config edit or something


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                I had the same problem a long time ago. My solution was to go to root/images/misc and replace the vb logo with one of my own and keeping the same name. (vbulletin_5 logo.png)
                I will do the same next time.


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                  I had the same problem changing my logo using the "edit site" function, the solution I used to fix it was the same as DemOnstar


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