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  • Hierarchy explanation required

    On first install, the owner is admin. I am guessing that admin have overall permissions and rule the roost. There is no one can upset anything without admin giving the go ahead. Is this correct?
    I am a little hazy over the moderator and super moderator. Are super mods more powerful?
    I guess the real question is what is the default hierarchy?


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    Administrator - Has full access to all administrator and moderator functions as assigned in Usergroups / Administrator Permissions
    Super Moderator - Can Moderate All Forums. Permissions assigned as per Usergroups / Super Moderators. Does not have AdminCP access.
    Moderator - Can moderate only specific forums as assigned in Forum Manager. Does not have AdminCP access.
    Channel Owner - Can moderate a single channel as assigned in Forum Manager.

    Only Administrators have AdminCP access unless you specifically assign it to other usergroups or users individually.
    Administrators have NO administrator permissions by default. If you add a new admin you will need to assign permissions via Usergroups / Administrator Permissions.

    Hope this helps.


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      Actually, there is a "Super Administrator" which is specified in the /core/includes/config.php file. By default this is userid # 1, but you can add more or change it of you want.

      Note- "Super Administrator" does NOT have its own usergroup- it's the same usergroup as all other Administrators, simply their userids are specified in the config.php file.

      Super Admins have the power to add/remove permissions from other Administrators, and full access to everything.
      Administrator - Can access the Admin CP but limit to permissions granted to it by the Super Administrator in Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Administrator Permissions


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        Originally posted by rhens View Post
        Hope this helps.
        So only administrator gets admin cp access? I think I follow. Thank you.


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          Originally posted by Joe D. View Post
          Actually, there is a "Super Administrator" which is specified in the /core/includes/config.php file. By default this is userid # 1
          So that would be me then or the person with userid # 1?

          From this, I understand that it is safe to assume that the default settings allow me to proceed with confidence. Knowing I am in complete control of the board and no matter what settings I make, assures me that nobody but myself can interfere with it.

          Thank you...


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            Yes, you should be the only super-admin unless there is someone you trust 100% completely, or a business partner or such. You should also trust anyone you give even regular Admin access to, because even a regular admin can cause damage to the forum if they don't know what they are doing, or worse, are looking to act maliciously. Moderators and even Super Moderators can be held in check if you don't give them permission to "permanently delete" anything. As long as they don't have that permission anything they do, while it may be time consuming, can be undone if necessary. (Merging a bunch of threads would be the hardest/most difficult thing to undo I believe.)


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              So it's no Admins or super-admins, just moderators until I get the hang of it.
              Splendid work!
              A person comes for support and gets it.


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