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404 (Page Not Found) Error with AdminCP Link

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  • 404 (Page Not Found) Error with AdminCP Link

    Hello Everyone,

    Fairly new to the vBulletin world, especially on the installation side so please bare with me on the technical level.

    Currently, I have installed vB5 on my site. ******.com/forums/ link is working, I created a test account, threads and everything seems fine. However, I cannot load or access the */forums/admincp URL Link to access my forum back end as I would like to temporarily disable registration until the forums is setup.

    is this a .htaccess problem? or what could be a fix for this issue?

    We have uninstalled vB5 and reinstalled it just to see what would happen as well.

    Thank you


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    How are you trying to access the admincp?


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      Originally posted by DemOnstar View Post
      How are you trying to access the admincp?
      through the forums admin sign in link.


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        I am using 5.0.2 version of the software on localhost, can't say as I had that problem. Sign in, click site builder and admin cp pops up on the far left.
        Does the site builder open up for you?
        In your test account are the permissions set for you to access site builder?

        Obvious questions I know but I am fairly new to this also and it took some time for me to get around it.
        Which version are you using?

        Someone with more experience than me will surely drop in at some point, so it is best to get the obvious questions out of the way before editing stuff.


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          Are you sure the /forums/admincp/ directory exists? When I try going to it manually on your site it doesn't exist? Did you rename admincp in your confog.php file maybe to something else? I'm not sure that feature works.

          Did you upload the full, un-edited, .htaccess file?

          If you still have issue open a support ticket in the Member's Area. Include Admin CP and FTP log in info in the "Sensitive Data" part of the support ticket system.


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            You dont use a .htaccess file when your working with a localhost.. what program are you using, mamp? I was having the same problem with mamp.. Make sure at the bottom of the config file where you set the path director you make sure your core is like "/core" not http://localhost:1133/vb5/core. Also in mamp make sure rewrite module is not disabled.. One more thing that i did that worked too is if you go to your mamp folder, then conf>apache. open the httpd.conf file.. then if you look at the screen shot there is a list of plug ins, somewhere in the list there's a # that supposedly disables something. So delete the # and once i went over all these things, for some reason the same problem i had just like you was fixed. The install and everything went just great but when i clicked the button to go back to admincp or when i went to go view my forum at all, there was no css and things were just all ****ted on.. Another thing i did too was i updated to the latest version of mamp.


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