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Attachments & Photos - What is the difference and where in admin do we control each?

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  • Attachments & Photos - What is the difference and where in admin do we control each?

    With 5.0.2 we have a Photo icon (first one) and then an attachment icon (last one). Of course this has already caused confusion for our users because prior to this it said "share photos" or "attachment". Now all of our users are clicking attachment because thats what every other install of VB since the beginning of time calls photo uploads. So i figured I'd disable attachment uploads and just allow photos. So in user group permissions I disabled attachment uploads. What does it do? It turns off photo uploads!

    How do you control the ability for users to upload attachments and photos - are they one in the same? To me its too damn confusing for users. There is photos, attachments, and photo album galleries to select from. I just want the photo Icon and nothing else.

    Yes i can edit the template, but there must be a better way to do it?

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    Photos are attachments... It's just an easier interface to upload them and a better way to display them. There's no harm in them using either way, a temporary notice at the top of the page advising them of the new feature should help- or however else you communicate new info with members.


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      Ok but the problem we are seeing is that if users upload via the attachment icon then the image doesn't get a thumbnail created. If they use the photo icon, then a thumb gets created.

      it is very confusing for the users; here is a test where we uploaded a photo via attachment and then via the photo icon:


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        This is a bug in 5.0.2- They are supposed to be thumbnails either way -


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          ok, attachments (photos, images, pictures) cannot be disabled? is that right?


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