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How to remove forum module?

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  • How to remove forum module?

    Firstly, why on earth is it called the forum module when it displays the latest topics, and subscriptions? It doesn't even display any forums...

    So from the site editor I do not have a "trash can" on the module and I've tried editing it so everything is "un-checked" hoping it wouldn't display anything and would remove, instead when saving it just reverted everything back to "checked" again.

    Something I guess will be important I'm using the /forum links instead of the default VB landing page, this removes all the side-widgets, I really, really, really hope I can remove this as the point of my using /forum was to remove all these things I don't need. I really don't want this module stuck at the bottom making so people will be able to scroll down loads at the bottom of the page to view all the latest threads.


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    Is it not possible to create a new page and not include the forum module?


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      Great but seeing as I can't delete the page (that I know of as it's a core page) and the URL /forum is taken, how exactly do I create a whole new page with a forum structure, and give it the url /forum - I don't want a random page on my site that used to be /forum that I had to rename or something...


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        What happens if you copy the page, remove the stuff that you don't want then save the page under a new title?


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          My point is that I have no option to delete the module, copying the page? a) I can't and b) if that worked it would leave some random forum page on my site...


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            Quite right. I would like this option too


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              Re-bump - any reply from a staff member?


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                if u click "edit page" you should be able to see trash cans?

                not sure i follow u, but i just added and removed a test php module...

                the screenshot shows a thread topic...which is also delete-able...are you still having issues?


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                  I'm still not sure what module you are trying to remove and why but the bottom line is if the module has no trash-can on the "Edit Page" view then the module can't be removed.

                  You may be able to hide it will some CSS but I'd need a link to the specific page to see it to be sure.


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           As above, the bit at the bottom with the topics/latest activity etc..


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