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Where is the gadget/widget Recent Activity?

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  • MM Debbie
    Thanks Wayne, I did it!! YAY!

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  • Wayne Luke
    It would be the Latest Activity tab of the Forum list on the front page. Currently each page can only have one Activity Stream. However you can also build a Latest Activity module by using a Search Module to show the last XX number of items.

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  • MM Debbie
    started a topic Where is the gadget/widget Recent Activity?

    Where is the gadget/widget Recent Activity?

    In version 4 there was a gadget for Recent Activity now in ver 5 on the Homepage there is Latest Topic which, of course, is totally different than Recent Activity. Is there a way to add that gadget/widget? It would really be helpful to my staff since the current version is not sending notifications for posts a moderator is not subscribed to.

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