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Error 404 in message after url forum category rewrite

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  • Error 404 in message after url forum category rewrite

    The message cannot be seen and show a Page 404 after the category forum URL is changed. The list of message is showing.

    See the images screenshot to know where I edit the url.

    does anyone know how to make it work?

    The goal is to remove the "forum" word in the URL

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    You can't remove the built in /forum/ from the URL. What you can do is move your VB5 install out of your /forum/ directory and into your site root or other directory, be sure you update the core url in Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details BEFORE you move the files.


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      I am sorry but It's possible to remove the built in /forum/ from the URL I have done it for the other categories when the xml layout was not customised, the thing very risquy is to put back the original xml style.


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        We have already another CMS website in the root directory, so we need to keep the url www.mywebsite/forum but not the double forum www.mywebsite/forum/forum/category/post-message


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          Ok it works now, I needed to load the original XML made the modif url and load back the custom XML


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