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  • Best Practice for an install

    When I first started to use vB in the Jelsoft days I used to have my forum in a forum directory as an addon to my site, with the advancement of the product and the introduction of CMS I changed my way of doing things and cut down on much of the site and put vB in the root directory with the content.php as my index page.

    Well there is no CMS with vB 5 and so although I bought the product have not as yet upgraded.

    What I am looking for here is a little advice from people more versed in the use of vB than me on the pros and cons of sticking vB in root rather than as an add on.

    My site is going to be going through a rewrite soon and taking a new direction as much of what used to be no longer is, so I guess now is the best time to ask such questions.

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    VB5 is certainly better in the root. The absolute worst place to install it is in a sub-folder called /forum/ (like we have done here.)

    VB5 will auto add /forum/, /blog/ and other values to the URL so keeping it in root makes the most logical sense.

    Unfortunately for people who are upgrading from older versions that were installed in /forum/ that will mean an annoying (but not hurtful) "double forum" in the URL, such as if you look at the URL of this page right now.

    It bothers some people more than others.


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      Thanks, for the reply. Looks like I had the right idea way back then, is there any chance that CMS is going to be reintroduced sooner rather than later?
      I know it is reported in the read me as somewhere round about 5.1 but that could be a long ways off, and some of us would hope that the life of vB 5 were not a short one and thus not want 5.1 to come too soon but would like to see the features suggested therein sooner.


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        I wouldn't say "Sooner than later" is likely at this point, sorry. i really have no estimate at all.


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