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Uploading Logo Image - Where to?

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  • Uploading Logo Image - Where to?

    I am having issues uploading a new site logo, when I try I get an error saying "Error uploading the logo, please try again".

    At this point I assume that where ever it is trying to upload requires write permissions which are not currently turned on... so where do these files go so I can check?

    I should add that even using a URL to an image file I can publicly access doesn't seem to work...

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    I put mine at the first level. images/misc. It is the same location you will find vbulletin5_logo.
    It worked for me. After deleting the Vb logo, I also renamed my logo to vbulletin5_logo. It displayed.


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      It gets uploaded to where your attachments go.

      Now I had the exact same issue as the OP. I found out that the reason mine was giving that error was because I was uploading a png image and in my Admin CP -> Attachments -> Attachment Manager, for png files I had to increase both the maximum file size AND max height and width before the image would upload.

      Once I fixed these values it uploaded as a logo image no problem.

      As a test, try uploading the logo image as an attachment in a post, if it doesn't work you will get an error message with a better explanation as to why.


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