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  • Mark channels read

    2 questions:
    1-what is Mark channels read?
    2-Is it possible to delete it at the bottom of each page?

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    Mark channels read marks all the topics (threads) in a channel (forum) as having been read, as if you had read every topic in the channel. It's useful on busy sites when you've realized you'll never read all the old topics in a forum and you just want to clear it and start over.

    You can hide it by editing your css_additional.css template and adding this code:

    .markchannelsread {display: none;}


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      Thanks Joe. I'll try that.


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        Joe - I pasted that code into my css_additional.css template and Mark Channels Read is still showing. Is there another way to accomplish? Or is it possible that code is incorrect? Thanks in advance.

        Also - since I've made the change, css_additional.css is now red in the Style Manager Template list.


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          I think that any template that has been edited will show red, it makes it easier to track which has been edited..
          Any edits are probably best done in css_additionals.css, as this I believe overrides everything.

          As regards the coding query, I shall leave that to another because I haven't got the foggiest....Sorry...


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