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Auto Image Resizing Issue

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  • Auto Image Resizing Issue

    I have updated the image settings in AdminCP >> Attachment Manager to allow image resizing to 1024 X 768 and my users get the following error:

    "The Dimension limits for this filetype are 1024 x 768. We were unable to resize your file so you will need to do so manually and upload it again. Your file is currently 3072 x 2304."

    I am attaching screen shots of the server settings, error message, and Attachment Manager settings and server GD enabled settings.

    Ironically enough I received the same error on your page when I tried to upload my screen shots.

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    In the Admin CP, Attachment Manager, the size you set there is for the maximum size you can upload, it does not auto resize images to that size.

    Set these values to the largest value you will allow users to upload, and be aware a limit is also set in the /includes/config.php file as well, near the bottom. Nothing can be larger than the config.php file limit.

    To auto resize the images AFTER they are uploaded set the stylevar in the Admin CP -> Styles & templates -> Style Manager -> [Your Style] -> Style Variable Editor -> Common -> Image Max Size

    Note this will be resized in the browser, not PHP.


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      Thanks for the reply!

      I was able to find and adjust the config.php variable. For us new guys I was finally able to find it in the following location: ../[forum root]/core/includes/config.php

      The second part I was not as successful with and I was hoping for just a bit more direction. I was unable to find the stylevar in my Admin CP. Would you mind taking a look at the screen shots to see if I was in the right place? I really like the idea of taking advantage of the auto resize feature.

      Thanks in advance,



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        Sorry my second part were instructions for VB4, didn't realize I was in the VB5 forum.

        In VB5 images are resized by default to fit within the available width of the post box- you shouldn't need to further restrict the size. If you have a page where the image is too bug can you link to it so I can see what is the matter?


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          If you open the image as just the bare element you can see its original retained size (2011X1508):

          The original size is retained so this is not what I would call truly "resized". The original height and width are retained and the client side is doing the "re-sizing" and unfortunately this approach leads to retaining the original overhead of the image, at least with this current configuration.

          Maybe I am missing a step?

          Happy Easter!!

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            VB doesn't auto resize actual images before they are saved- that isn't an option, sorry.


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              Just so it is clear to everyone I said 2 different things in this thread because I was talking about different aspects of the software-

              vBulletin 5 automatically resizes images in posts via CSS so they always display in the room available on the page.

              But vBulletin can not resize the actual image file (it won't turn a 2000x2000 image file into a 1000x1000 image file) via PHP. that is not an available option.


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                I was waiting for that, cheers Joe.

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