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  • Moving Post from another platform

    My previous forum was "Kunena" and now I am on VB5. But, I don't see a way to migrate threads over so my other thought is how can I move the threads/post myself?
    I know I can login as admin and copy/paste and and if that is what it takes fine we are only talking live a 1,000 post. BUT, problem is on the new VB5 forum when I paste
    them in the right place they will ALL show as being mine and not the original Authors..

    Can anyone give me a better idea of how to do this.


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    There is really no way of doing this without custom modifications that don't exist yet.

    If there is a way to import Kuena into a free solution like phpbb, then use Impex to import phpbb to VB4, then upgrade VB4 to VB5, but you would lose any existing posts on your VB5 forum, that would be the way to go.


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      Not going to go the route of phpbb/vb4/upgrade..way too many steps.. but I do appreciate that.

      Might either leave it or copy and paste the "old" post myself..>Just hate that they won't show as the person that posted them.


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