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  • Ranks

    Because of the reputation limitations I have been advised to use ranks as a compliment to get around it.

    Where would ranks be visible and how and where would they be displayed? Is there a tutorial someplace where I can begin to compensate for this lack of functionality?

    In advance, thank you.

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    Upon further inspection this would require a combination of both User Promotions AND Ranks.

    First you need to create new usergroup based off Registered Users, maybe call it "High Rep Users"

    Then in Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Promotions -> Add New Promotion

    You need to create a usergroup promotion based off of Reputation level, set the level and set it to Promote Registered Users to "High Rep Users" (preferably as an additional/secondary group)

    Then in Admin CP -> User Ranks create a new rank for the High Rep usergroup- set the post count to 1 since you don't care about post count (presumably)

    You can now specify an image or HTML/Text to display for anyone in that usergroup

    This will show up under the User Title on the postbit.


    • DemOnstar
      DemOnstar commented
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      Joe, you are one of the most helpful chaps on this board! Some of the others are blatantly stressed out.

      Thanks for that.

    • BirdOPrey5
      BirdOPrey5 commented
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      Thanks... just doing the best I can, as I am sure everyone else is too- but schedules are difficult to plan, some of us have more times for the forums than others.

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