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Upgrading vBulletin 5 and Clearing Database

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  • Upgrading vBulletin 5 and Clearing Database

    Hello vBulletin team,

    I got vBulletin 5 about 3 days ago. I found that 5.0.0 was not stable enough for me. So I wanted to give the latest Beta copy a try if it works fine ok, if not I will go back to vBulletin 4 Suite.

    I replaced the current vBulletin 5 files with the new files, I did a backup of the database. But when I try to access my-domain.tld/core/install/upgrade.php it redirects me to my-domain.tld/core/install/install.php which means It will do a fresh install! Please help I don't want to clear the database.

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    Did you redo the config.php files (both) or use the ones you had already created? If you created new ones, did you enter the correct table prefix?

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      It looks like the table prefix was the issue, But seriously updating/upgrading vBulletin is a PAIN! Look at WordPress, instant update by one click. You should work on an easier way to upgrade so that users can pay for major upgrades as vB 4 to 5 and vB 5 to vB 6 in future.


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