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New Issue: Topic Corruption?

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  • New Issue: Topic Corruption?

    A question mark in the title as I'm not entirely sure what's wrong.

    One of the forums on my site _should_ have about 950 pages of topics to display. Up until last night, it was doing that just fine. Currently, it is only showing 3 sticky topics when you go in. Changing the filter doesn't do much unless you change the filter in such a way as to only show older topics on the first page (e.g. sort order of ascending by last post date). Once you do that, all pages show and the first page has a full complement of topics.

    I've tried clearing the cache on the admincp and have restarted the webserver to no avail.

    Running some of the general update tasks such as rebuilding topic information ran into sporadic errors, though it finally completed on the fifth attempt.

    Any ideas of what to look at to resolve this issue?

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    Odder and odder. I've been doing more digging into this one and have noticed the following:

    If I go into AdminCP -> Maintenance -> Clear System Cache, the issue goes away. For the first load of the page only. After the forum has been loaded once, all subsequent requests show only the three sticky topics and 1 of 1 pages. If I repeat the clearing of the system cache, I can load the page again. Once.


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      Please open a support ticket...
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        Did response yet...and the forum is still effectively unavailable.


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