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Deleted group still appears in category

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  • Deleted group still appears in category

    So I deleted a group, from the group's own page; yet when I check the categories the group is still listed as present. When I click the '1'; I will get a "No Groups found" message.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I am about reaching my limit with this garbage; you refuse to refund me, yet your software is extremely buggy. This would be fine, only your updates are far too slow =/ I am unimpressed, and disappointed that at this point I am considering abandoning the $250 I had to pay for software that does not do most of the things it advertises. My members can not browse the forums adequately, the URL links do not post properly, the groups do not work properly, the page numbers on threads do not work, the groups are not working, the comments get permanently deleted if you execute an orphaned post deletion, I still have orphaned attachments sitting in the filedata table even though the attach* tables contain 0 rows, I cant list additional users of a usergroup, the software is slow, the online members list does not work, I can not create threads that are not visible to other users or those users will be unable to see post counts and latest posts on the index page; let alone the other hundreds of bugs that remain unfixed on JIRA. This is by far the most horrendous mess of a forum I have ever seen =/ I don't understand what exactly the beta was for, especially that the beta started out in September and some bugs have remained unfixed even though they existed since Beta; such as the bbcode url issue.
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    I'm trying to confirm this as a bug but I can't figure out where this screen shot was taken:

    Can you explain to me the steps you went to to get to that page? Perhaps the URL of the page?

    Understand of course I did read the rest of your message but as support staff I have no input on who gets refunds or your other issues. Are you aware you are able to use the more stable VB 4,2,0 if you prefer with your VB5 license? You can upgrade later when VB5 is more stable if you prefer.


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      Admincp > Groups > Group Categories


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        have you been successful at reproducing the bug or should I post thorough instructions ?


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          I'm not seeing deleted groups in the Admin CP, but I do see the number of groups (total) for a listed category is wrong.

          Since I can't re-create the issue please click this link:

          Just enter a "Summary" (which is a title) and a Description at the bottom. In the Description explain the steps you did and give info on your setup (PHP Version, MySQL version, anything else you may know) and we'll take it from there,


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            but I do see the number of groups (total) for a listed category is wrong.
            Yupp that is the issue
            I am not sure whether or not it leaves data in the database (like with deleted attachments still having their filedata in the database)
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