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  • Unable to sticky posts

    Stickying posts was working fine before. Although I couldn't edit the topic titles at that point. I noticed this setting in the admin panel:

    Settings > Message Posting and Editting Options

    Time Limit on Editing of Topic Title
    Specify the time-limit (in minutes) within which the topic title may be edited by the user whom started the topic.
    I set this specific option to: 0 right now. I could edit topic titles at that point, but stickying posts stopped working. Any idea?

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    Do you see the option to Stick the post (it's under the little gear in the upper right corner of the thread) or are you saying you click to Stick it and it won't stick?

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      Yup exactly Lynne! When I check the topic, go to the upper right corner to stick it, nothing happens. Same goes for inside a topic. When I try to stick it from there, it does say that the topic has been stickied, but when youre in the channel, it didnt saved my request x-x


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        Still waiting for an answer. As soon as I try to sticky a post, you see the software loading but nothing happens..


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