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  • attachment problems

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to get vB 5 working properly with adding attachments - particularly videos.
    I'm able to add a video as attachment, eg video1.avi
    And I've added the mime type as Content-Type: application/x-msvideo so that the video downloads.

    However, a few points that are not clear whether this is normal:

    1 - The attachment icon is showing as a text icon.
    2 - When the video is downloaded, it doesn't have the filename of the uploaded file, but image_{id}.avi

    Is there a way to add custom icons or is there a video icon somewhere? And also how to make it download with the correct name (video1.avi)?

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    It seems, that all attachments are recognized as an image file...

    I have also problems with attachments, but a little bit different.
    I can't upload non-image and non-video attachments, vB always gives errors as 'Error: This is not a valid image file.'
    I don't understand how, but vB recognizes .doc, .xls, .docx, .pdf as an image file, though in attachment manager for docx I set up 'Content-type: application/msword'

    I also request for a help


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      Have you tried uploading .zip files?


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        The same is for zip file — This is not a valid image file


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          How are you uploading attachments? Are you using the attachment manager under "additional options" or an icon on the editor? The icon on the editor is only for images.


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            I use Additional Options


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              the attachment image from server does not work very well, it shows a letter "a" to click


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                The image turning into an "a" is a known bug in 5.0.0.

                However I cannot replicate the problem using Additional Options. I suggest you open a support ticket with Admin CP login details in the "Sensitive Data" field.


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