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login bar and bg styles not working properly after upgrade

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  • login bar and bg styles not working properly after upgrade


    I just upgraded from beta 21. I am very new to vbulletin and need your help. Post upgrade, the bg style is not showing up properly. there is a grey band appearing on the left side.
    Also, the login box, on being clicked keeps going up and down.

    Please instruct me on how to fix thee issues asap. My forum is located at

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, a reply would be appreciated.


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      To troubleshoot this, first download a fresh copy of the vBulletin ZIP file from the Members Area then reupload all the original vB non-image files (except config.php.bkp, core/includes/ and the install directory). Make sure you upload these in ASCII format and overwrite the ones on the server. Also be sure to upload the admincp files to whichever directory you have set in your config.php file. Then run 'Suspect File Versions' in Diagnostics to make sure you have all the original files for your version and that none show 'File does not contain expected contents':

      Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Suspect File Versions

      [Note: In some cases you may also need to remove any of the listed .xml files in the includes/xml directory.]

      Then if you still have this problem, create a new style and choose no parent style. This will force it to use the default templates. Finally empty your browser cache, close all browser windows then try again. Make sure you change to the new style and view your forums with it.

      Do you have the same problem?
      Vote for:

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      *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
      - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
      - Highlight the correct navigation tab when you are on a custom page
      - "Quick Route" Interface...
      - Allow to use custom icons for individual forums


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        Make sure you have "Reverted" any templates you manually edited besides ccs_additional.css (that one is OK to edit.)

        Any others may need to be reverted due to the upgrade, they will either be listed at the top of the Admin CP or you can go to Style Manager -> Edit Templates for your style, and revert any that are colored red. (You will lose your customization, but it will need to be re-done because of template changes. Ideally you would not have to edit the templates to begin with, if you have, there are usually better ways.)


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          I reverted my templates and was able to rebuild them. Though i am still facing a few problems which are not related to the styles

          1. the login bar stil goes up and down
          2. The post numbers are doubled - if there were 99 posts earlier it now shows 198
          3. The navigation bar shows the first tab as "Forums" - i have tried changing this to "Home" many times, but it reverts automatically on refresh. Also, if i delete the tab and create a new one called "home", 2 Home tabs appear and then revert back to "Forums"


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            Also, on running the suspect files diagnostic one file shows an error

            LoggerConfigurationAdapterXML.php File does not contain expected contents


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              To troubleshoot the login box going up and down we need to test it against the default style (actual default)

              To re-create the default style go to the Admin CP -> Style Manager -> Add New Style and create a new style with no parent style. Call it "VB5 Default" (or whatever you want) and this will be the default style.

              Then change to this style (it will look like this site) and see if the login box still goes up and down.

              For the file, if you have the original download files you can try re-uploading that single file but really I am not too concerned.


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                thanks for replying so quick. I tried it against the default style. the login pane has the same behaviour on the default style as well.

                what about the post counts and navigation tabs? any clue?


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                  Can you please make the default style available for users so I can switch to it and see what is happening.

                  I see you have one called VB5 default but it is not the default style because I can see it has a custom background for one. You may need to give permission for users to switch styles in Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Style & Language Settings


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                    I have made the changes as requested. But i dont this it is making any difference. Even now, on selecting VB5 default it still displays the default edited theme.


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                      Pleas open a support ticket and include details to log into your Admin CP in the "Sensitive Data" field of the ticket.


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