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    So, I noticed that my forums are all grey, but when someone is posting new material or content, or when its active, the color of the forum changes to blue. (See attached image). Wondering where in style manager can I change the colors when a forum has new content that is unread....etc.


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    There is currently no stylevar in the style manager to change sprite colors. You would need to manually edit the sprites in photo editing software.
    The sprite sheet is images/css/sprite_icons_vb_ltr.png
    A sprite editor is (or was) one of the many items on the To Do list in the tracker.


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      I see. Thanks! (If I was daring enough, I could download other "sprite" icons from the internet or make my own and try to upload them to the images/css/sprite_icons folder and they would replace the existing ones correct? As long as they have the same file names?


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        You'd be getting into a lot of work because you'd either have to replace the existing sprites on the existing sheet within the predefined coordinates (which I did on my forum) or you'd have to redefine the coordinates for every sprite if you changed the entire sheet. There are over 100 sprites on the images/css/sprite_icons_vb_ltr.png sheet alone and there are multiple sprite sheets. I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from customizing their site but unless you're experienced with sprite sheets and X,Y coordinate graphing you may find it incredibly tedious and frustrating.


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          You don't have to replace the sprite. You can use images outside the sprite if you wish. For those specific images see this thread:

          Translations provided by Google.

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