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vBulletin upgrade method?

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  • vBulletin upgrade method?


    So here i am now... New at vbulletin, and full of newbie...

    Is there any step by step guide how to upgrade. i bet this isnt same like phpBB upgrade where you can pick upgrade only?

    Oh no... Wrong section too, sorry about that... I'm blind want it to post at support question section ... hope someone can move there this.

    OK. Im really blind found this thing on Wayne topic, but it shows still 5.6.4 upgrade was done or i did something wrong?

    I scare to download full files and upload them... or i need to do that?
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    You need to download the new vBulletin package. it will contain all the files. You will then upload these to your server. It will overwrite the previous version's files. Don't worry because all your data and any files that must be changed in the file system (for example the config files, .htaccess file, or the attachment and avatar directories) won't be overwritten in this process. Once the new files are uploaded, you would run the upgrade scripts. When that is done, delete the /core/install directory.
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    • tommyls7
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      Is there a video or article tutorial for this? I'm really uneasy about changing files on the server without clear guidance.

    • Wayne Luke
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      Yes... the process it detailed in the online user manual, the vb5readme.html file included in your download package, and in this topic within the Install/Upgrade channel on this site. For instructions on uploading files to your webserver, contact your web host.

      If you would rather remove this worry, we offer vBulletin Cloud and will take care of all upgrades for you.

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    At beginning it was scary but everything was okay. Forum works well.

    Thank you for your time!


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