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Next vb5 version?

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  • Next vb5 version?

    Hey, when is the next vb5 version coming online?
    no hurry guys, just curios

    Wayne (?!) postet something about bigger changes due to php 8. unfortunately, I cant find the article anymore. Is this one of the reasons why there is such a delay? or is it due to holidays and covid?

    anyhow, stay healthy guys!

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    You seem very excited
    What has so far presented the vb5
    I tried it from the beginning of the release 5.4.0 You seem very excited What has the fifth generation presented so far? Soo much trouble? There is only one advantage, which is the compatibility of browsing the program with mobile phones only I've tried it from release to latest release But there are many problems in issuing and not being accepted by visitors and my site members in the new way I had to return a backup copy of the site and lose a number of members and topics. Currently my site is working on vb.4.2.5
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      It is being worked on currently. Skipping technical debt over the years and a lot of legacy code carried over from vBulletin 4.X has really slowed things down with PHP 8 compatibility. Holidays also slow down development a bit. You can see it in the bug tracker as 5.6.5.
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