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  • url admin not valid


    When I want to connect to the administration software, I get an error message telling me that the url is not valid and I can no longer access the administration part of the forum.

    How do I find the administration panel?



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    Anyone to help me?


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      You are probably hacked because of the recent exploit. Have a look here:

      You should take action immediately to prevent further damage or shutdown your forum by shutting down your webserver (like Apache HTTPD) or by renaming your vBulletin directory to name not known publically.


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        Please open a support ticket for assistance.. You can use the Submit Ticket link in the footer of this page
        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
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          same problem, get the email for security patch 2:00 at night, forum was hacked 6:00 at Morning


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            Wayne Luke Same thing happends to me, forums are still getting hacked. Why are you still telling us to open tickets, `as I have opened ticket after being hacked and my ticket was closed because I am not eligibile for ticket support, without any support at all...meanwhile sites are still getting hacked.


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              Because they are supposed to help you recover your site whether you have a contract or not. I will follow up with them. You'll continue to get hacked until your vBulletin file system is cleaned up. That is what the ticket is supposed to be for.

              Otherwise follow my previous instructions and upload a new copy of vBulletin 5.5.4. Patch Level 1 (there is absolutely no reason to run older versions if you want have the most secure site) and point it at your database. Delete your own files after you have checked your attachment and customavatar directories for extraneous files and moved them. Though ideally, your attachment directory will never be in the web root to begin with.
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