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  • Text/Reply box formatting Suggestion

    one of the biggest complaints we hear on our board is the text box is so hard to use from a mobile version. We did not have these complaints in the past with VB4.

    I exclusively post from my phone. So I get a lot of mileage in mobile testing. The biggest issue I see is the text box auto formats images and text. If there was a way to have the text box strip all formatting, especially links I think that would go a long way to improving user experience on the mobile side.

    For instance, if I host an image on imgur and I type the
    [ img ] tag then paste the link, the forum automatically inserts the full image, but does not allow me to get to the end of the image to close the tag, so the resulting image is a dead path. The only way to easily and successfully post a hosted image is the “advanced” tab. Which is easy enough, but just typing the BBcode is even easier.

    Then to make matters worse, if my moderators try to edit an image path, it’s next to impossible bc of the way the text box formats the image. If the text box simply provided plain text stripped of formatting we could edit the images easily.

    The same applies for embedded links. We’ll use twitter for example. Many users use iPhones, and unfortunately Apple likes to auto format links. When a user uses the bbcode [ tweet ] ... they cannot simply copy and paste the link. They have to first paste the link. But since the text box allows formatting, they have to manually transcribe the tweet ID between the tags instead of just simply deleting the unused text from the link. Then they have to go in and delete the original pasted tweet they transcribed from. That’s a lot of unnecessary steps for a mobile user.

    For example this tweet, I have to copy the link so I can see the code (either before or after starting my bbcode tag

    Then I have to manually transcribe 1065204441987632 within the tags ... then go back and delete the link I posted.

    if the text box would strip formatting things would be a lot easier for mobile users. It also would make moderating code easier as well.

    just my $0.02
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    The Source button doesn't work on Mobile?

    Open the editor toolbar and tap the Source button (it is the first one in the toolbar).
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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      Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
      The Source button doesn't work on Mobile?

      Open the editor toolbar and tap the Source button (it is the first one in the toolbar).
      well we haven’t been able to see it for some time. At least not till yesterday with the update.

      That said, none of ever used any of those first three buttons. I now that you’ve provided a button to strip the formatting. While it’s an extra step, it’s works! Had no clue that existed! Thank you!


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