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Speed of vb5 forum versus speed of private messenger / vbmessenger

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  • Speed of vb5 forum versus speed of private messenger / vbmessenger

    I updated to 5.3.1 on May 31st, and have not had a database error yet.

    My forum has 13 separate forums "channels" each with 2 - 6 sub forums "sub channels" in them.

    My vb5 forum itself seems to run faster and more smoothly with 5.3.1, but the messaging system especially the vbMessenger is still quite slow. The slowness is in accessing/opening the messages the first time. Once opened posting new messages within the messenger system isn't too bad.

    On this your vbmessenger operates much faster than mine, so I suppose my VPS Snappy 2000
    just can't handle it as well as your dedicated.

    Do other people on here experience slowness in the private messaging or vbmessenger system, as compared to the general speed of navigating, opening and posting in the forum itself?
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    From personal experience, I wouldn't use HostGator or GoDaddy to host vBulletin under any circumstances. If you're experiencing issues with AJAX or JS it's likely the hosting.


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      Okay, I'm locked into this VPS for two more years (pre-paid). But do you experience any of what I mentioned? Thanks!

      Or, is there something I could ask Hostgator to fine tune?

      Also I have a very small vb5 forum on GoDaddy, small as in almost no posts, although it does have 8 channels with 1 - 2 subchannels each. Over on this forum the private messenger system has almost no messages in it. Over there, on a shared hosting account,
      Ultimate plan with linux cpanel
      the vbmessenger system works pretty fast, actually.

      So it could be that hostgator VPS can't handle the private messaging system / vbmessenger, or it could be partly because at my hostgator managed large forum there are dozens of private messages flying around weekly, and tens of thousands of private messages stored.
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        I experienced that issue with Siteground, but after having changed to a VPS hosted by A2 hosting I no longer have that issue. It used to take like "forever" for private messaging windows to open and load and even access the private inbox etc though the rest of the site worked fine.

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      If you have many private message topics, you should try deleting older ones that are no longer relevant. This may speed things up for you.
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        I think all those messages might be part of the issue, yes. But, every now and then a member comes along where I need to retrieve some old PM thread from way back when, which makes me reluctant to delete anything. I'm just the type who never deletes any messages or emails, I have maintained all of my emails in for example my MSFT Outlook / Entourage, going back so far in the past you'd be shocked. What I could do is delete a bunch of messages on my testforum and see if that speeds things up there.


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