Option that users delete ALL their private messages with ease

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  • goxy63
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2008
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    Option that users delete ALL their private messages with ease

    I am not sure did we had that with VB4, I think we did, that user was able to delete all of his private messages, folder by folder !?

    Anyways, if in settings there is limitation for number of private messages that users should have, then sooner or later they will have trouble with them, they will be forced to delete them in order to use pm's....and we should expect that they should delete one by one or in best case page by page?
    Lets say limitation is 500pm's and each page shows 20, so 25 pages, average 8-10sec per page, some 4min, that is pain in....

    If at least they can have a filter to select "view all pm's on one page" and to use present option "select all" and to delete...but no, they are forced to waste time, or I should set 10000pm's as limitation so that one day they will need even more time to delete or again I will set higher number?

    Is it maybe that I dont know much about VB5 options, that I dont see something obvious in settings, or VB5 will get more and more complicated as I use it, I just have it few days and .... !?

    Think next time in church I will light one candle even for VB, for better future.

    maybe I expect too much

    But, to be honest, apart problem mentioned above new messaging system is looking fine, way better than VB4
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  • Lynne
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    • Oct 2004
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    Just FYI, but in vB3 and vB4, you could only delete the PMs per page which was usually just 25 per page.

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    • goxy63
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2008
      • 165

      Don't think so, my memory still serves me good. It was not only option.
      Please check attached images
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      • Mark.B
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        • Feb 2004
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        • 6.0.X

        Yes, vB3 and vB4 did have the option to 'Empty Folder' via the Edit Folders screen.

        The functionality is missing from vB5 - there is on old tracker entry about it: http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/VBV-8122
        It has zero votes, which probably explains why it's got no traction in all this time.

        Vote and comment on it if you want to have any chance of it going up the priority list.
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        • goxy63
          Senior Member
          • Sep 2008
          • 165

          Originally posted by Mark.B
          there is on old tracker entry about it
          May I be even bigger pain in a b.. and ask this, how many people have VB5, I remember once (VB3 & VB4) people were talking and doing stuff now it seems like....what is wrong???

          I love new look which VB5 has but its like having beautiful girlfriend with memory loss


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