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  • OverallOpinion
    • May 2016
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    • 5.2.x

    Idea for upgraded tutorials.

    In regards to all the different outlets official vBulletin tutorials i.e youtube,

    If I had one request, deleting all tutorials and making one for each version of vBulletin on both the forums and youtube would be much desired.

    My first impression was the dates on the tutorials, I immediately got worried because of how old they are, also I understand all the variables (computer in use, FTP client in use, hosting in use et cetera) however a preferred method of installation, and preferred server perimeters would have helped greatly.

    I understand this information is on the internet, but I had jumped around from tutorial, to forum discussions for about 8 hours to get to where I am now, and I have many questions still.

    Secondly, an idea for a product -- A customized program to create your own templates. A lot of companies seem to be doing it, adobe, wix, et cetera. Would absolutely pay money to be able to match/edit/create the lay out of the forum to suit my needs the best. My angle would be to try and mask the "forum" appearance, because in my opinion, forums and the typical look it presents though perfect for some ideas ( such as gaming clan websites ) may not be as desired in different types of projects.

    With that said, I must say, I am quite impressed with the product, and with very little knowledge on the subject, but a higher than normal troubleshooting ability, for the most part installation wasn't too bad. Support was good, and fast to respond here on the forums, but would have enjoyed the ability to talk to someone (that might be an option, but I didn't see it.)

    I know my requests are large tasks, but I think would be nice!

    Thank you for the product, I hope it continues to serve me well! Thanks!
  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead
    • Aug 2000
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    • 6.0.X

    This is something that we would like to do if we had proper resources. Currently we don't have time to implement this. It is best to use these forums for the most up to date information on your version. Just ask questions and we'll answer them.
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    Wayne Luke
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    • Craig
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2008
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      Would l love to see one regarding "how to create a test site" as described in the upgrade manual. For some reason I cannot wrap my head around that idea.
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      • Trevor Hannant
        vBulletin Support
        • Aug 2002
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        • 5.7.X

        I plan to update the vB4 tutorial for vB5 to vB5 test sites in due course
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